PBIS - Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thanks so much for reviewing the behavior matrix with your child(ren). We are very pleased with the level of support you have shown. It has been rewarding to work as a school team to help create a school-wide positive approach to teaching and rewarding good behavior at Au Sable Forks Elementary.

Students started to receive tickets for demonstrating positive behaviors today. Please see the ticket on the back. The purpose of the ticket is to reward students for demonstrating safety, responsibility, respectfulness, and cooperative behaviors in all areas of the school environment. Students may receive tickets from any adult at Au Sable Forks Elementary. When students receive tickets, they will bring them to their classroom and place them in a designated collection area. Tickets will be used as money to purchase items at the P.B.I.S. store. Students will have the opportunity to visit the P.B.I.S. store between 11-1 every other Friday. The P.B.I.S. store will open on October 30, 2009.

Students who earn a sufficient number of tickets by the end of the first quarter will be part of the Buzz Club for BEE-ing Safe, BEE-ing Respectful, BEE~ing Responsible, and BEE-ing Cooperative. When a student becomes part of the Buzz Club, they can participate in our first Buzz Club quarterly event.

PBIS Matrix