AuSable Valley High School Contact Information


3733 Annacone, Renee Counselor
7230 Arnold, Allison Teaching Assistant
7302 Bombard, Lindsey English Teacher
7310 Borden, Anna Teacher Aide
3716 Brand, Carrie School Nurse Teacher
7741 Brandt, Joel Special Education Teacher
7374 Caron, James Math Teacher
7378 Carron, Kristin Math Teacher
7382 Carter, Scott - website Science Teacher
7834 Carey, Cynthia Special Education Teacher
7211 Castine, Jason Special Education Teacher
7402 Collier, Steve Chorus Teacher
7406 Conklin, Rebecca Art Teacher
3505 Defayette, Aimee Dir. of Special Education
7442 Daniels, Jennifer Social Studies Teacher
3504 Diehl, Michelle Psychologist
7474 Dion, Sue Teaching Assistant
7486 Doorey, Michelle English Teacher
7494 Douglas, Colleen Special Education Teacher
7514 Dubay, Chris Math Teacher
3701 Durgan, Mary Attendance Clerk
7542 Favreau, Connie Business Teacher
3734 Favro, Julie Counselor
7550 Fay, Matt Science Teacher
7558 Fey, Chris New Horizons Teacher
7050 Gonyo, April Teacher Aide
7614 Gottlob, Heather English Teacher
3721 Houde, Garth Librarian
3707 Jennings, Wendy Main Office/MS Secretary
7694 Johnson, Andy Science Teacher
7698 Keating, Chad Technoloy Teacher
7670 Kelly, Katlyn Phys. Ed. Teacher
7706 Knapp, Jennifer Math Teacher
7742 Longware, Alta Jo Technology Teacher
7750 Maiorca, Steve Phys. Ed. Teacher
3202 Martineau, Chelley School Lunch Manager
3502 McCallister, Lori Special Education Secretary
3731 McCallister, Peggy Counseling Office Secretary
3708 Mero, Philip MS Principal
3702 Mitchell, Andrea Substitute Coordinator
3112 Munson, Kurt Dir. of Health, PE & Athletics
7810 North, Danielle English Teacher
7838 Patnode, Kevin Social Studies Teacher
7842 Payette, Maxine Teaching Assistant
3711 Perez, Javier HS Principal
7854 Pierson, Todd Phys. Ed. Teacher
3124 Pray, Randy Buildings & Grounds
7882 Rhino, Renee Science Teacher
3736 Rogers, Matt Director of Counseling
7934 Ruff, Jay Science Teacher
3710 Rushia, Pam Main Office/HS Secretary
7950 Saulsgiver, Terry Music Teacher
7954 Schauman, John Social Studies Teacher
7970 Shutts, Jennifer Art Teacher
7986 Smith, Lisa Teacher Aide
7994 Snyder, Sue Special Education Teacher
7408 Sprague, Chelsea Teacher Aide
7024 Stickles, Sherry Teacher Aide
7032 Straight, Lynda Teacher Aide
7052 Taylor, Scott Social Studies Teacher
7060 Torner, Kathleen Science Teacher
7072 Vincent, Cassandra Math Teacher
3714 VonDell, Patty Health Office Secretary
7080 Walsh-Estes, Teresa Teaching Assistant
7088 Wamsganz, Nicol English Teacher
7092 Waterhouse, David English Teacher
7108 Winton, Anne Spanish Teacher
7116 Worthington, Miriam French Teacher
7120 Wright, Scott Math Teacher