More EXCEL Aid Frequently Asked Questions

Why More Additions?

The District has been allocated funding for a Universal
Pre-K program. Currently, the District doesn't have adequate space for this program, and also needs additional space for Special Education requirements in both Elementary schools.

The additions proposed would be:

AuSable Forks Elementary School : 4-classroom addition to allow for Pre-K, Special Education and AIS. It is also proposed to expand the Gymnasium to include a stage area very similar to the old AuSable Forks High School stage.

Keeseville Elementary School : 2-classroom addition to house Universal Pre-K and Special Education.

Middle School -High School: 4-classroom addition to house displaced classrooms.The District is proposing to renovate 2 existing classrooms to create a secure entryway into the building. All visitors would be directed through this new entry for security reasons.

The remainder of these 2 classrooms would be redesigned as a conference/meeting room. In addition, the project would include 2 rooms to move the alternative education program and computer labs because their current space would be re-designed.