Financial Information

Financing the Project:

  • Total Project Cost is $29.85 Million
  • The Building Aid Percentage Currently Assigned to AuSable Valley CSD is 98%
  • The EXCEL Funding granted to AuSable Valley CSD is $1,032,697
  • The cost to the local taxpayer in the AuSable Valley CSD is $0.00

Why will this project cost nothing to AuSable CDS taxpayers?

  • EXCEL AID - Expanding Our Children's Education and Learning, New in 2006
  • This Project Qualifies for Additional Funding for Certain Types of Construction
  • Approved Expenses are Aided at 98% Building Aid, and the $1,032,697 in EXCEL aid will cover the remaining 2%
  • First Time (possibly the only time) NYS is Allowing Projects to be Aided at 100 % of Cost
  • Energy Cost Savings Realized Through new Boilers and Load Shedding Generators