AVCS Transportation Dept.

Bus Safety Tips for Parents of Kindergartners

There are several ways you can teach your child how to become a safe rider:

1. Make sure your child knows to stay far away from the bus.  They should maintain a distance of 10-15 feet from the curb/road side while they are waiting for the bus to stop. They should also maintain a minimum distance of 10 feet away from the bus when exiting and in front of the bus when they need to cross the road after exiting.

2. Put all papers, snacks, toys and other belongings in a backpack or school bag.  This keeps items together and helps prevent items from falling on the ground around the bus where the youngster might be tempted to retrieve them.

3. If you escort your child to the bus stop and bring toddlers along, be sure to keep the younger children far away from the bus with a firm grip on them. Many toddlers are strongly attracted to the bus and may run toward it.

4. Make sure your child knows to get off of the bus ONLY at his/her stop or at school.  It is easy to confuse names and faces of these youngsters, especially at the beginning of the school year.  If your child is going to someplace else after school, be sure a note is presented to the school teacher.

6. Make sure your child knows his or her full name and address and can repeat it to another adult.