Hybrid Schedule Restart – February 1st

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Good evening, this is Paul Savage, Supt of the Au Sable Valley Central School District with a very important updated message for our plans for a hybrid schedule re-opening on February 2nd. 

First and foremost, I hope you are all doing very well and can’t thank you enough for your continued dedication and support of our schools during these times!

As you will recall, we are planning to restart the hybrid schedule model of 2 days of in-person learning next week for those who previously committed to that particular option. After much review and close consultations with the CC DOH and Local Supt’s Organizations, that plan remains the same and we will be starting hybrid schedule on Tuesday, February 2nd for Team A students and on Wednesday, Feb 3rd for Team B students.  We are excited about being able to see some of our student’s in-person once again.

Although, we are planning to restart the hybrid schedule model next week – I do feel it is absolutely essential to share openly that there are still many important factors that might require us to either change that decision after re-starting the hybrid schedule and go back to a full remote schedule at a moment’s notice. Please be prepared for that possibility.

At AVCS, we have been methodical in our reopening plans and have tried to make all decisions through data and with the utmost safety of all in mind. We will continue to closely monitor, exercise extreme caution, and make any necessary adjustments and decisions no matter how difficult they may be until the COVID health risks are a thing of the past!

In the end, the safety of your children and our staff will always be at the center of our goals and decisions at AVCS.  That is a continued commitment you have from me.

In closing, you have all been true team players and unsung heroes throughout this entire process. We can’t say thank you enough!  We know this has been a very tough process for you and your families and not how any of us thought 2020 and beyond would have gone.

As always, we thank you for your teamwork and patience as we move forward Patriot strong!  Have a great night and all the best!