Jazz Clinic with SUNY Plattsburgh Jazz Ensemble

Mr. Pray held a Jazz Clinic in the Auditorium on Tuesday night.  The SUNY Plattsburgh Jazz Ensemble visited to perform on stage with the AVCS Jazz Ensemble.  The night started with both bands performing together.  Each band played five songs, and at the end of the night, the bands performed together on stage.

During the Clinic Mr. Pray asked students from both groups what it feels like to be a part of a music program.  AVCS Students, Community Members in the SUNY band and SUNY Students also chimed in on how valuable music is to them for many different reasons.

A great moment of the night is when one of the community members mentioned loving to perform with others on stage, and that as musicians, we are all on the same level.  It doesn’t matter if we are beginners, students, community members, or professional musicians.   

Songs performed by the bands:

1) El Gato (Both Bands)
2) Don’t Stop Believin (AVCS)
3) Jumpin at the Woodside (SUNY)
4) Take Five (AVCS)
5) Groovin Hard (AVCS)
6) Groovin Hard (SUNY)
7) Moanin’ (SUNY)
8) Tank!  (AVCS)
9) Better Get Hit In Your Soul (SUNY)
10) Soul Bossa Nova (Both Bands)

Here is the video from last night’s Jazz Clinic: